Cyklop is Lean

Creating added value for our customers is Cyklop’s right to exist. We are always looking for ways to serve our customers even better. Partly for this reason we started Lean last year, based on the Lean philosophy of Toyota.

Lean can be described as: “Learn to work without waste”. Lean is therefore a way of thinking and working method aimed at the continuous improvement of business processes. If processes in a company are Lean, then all activities are successful in one go, so without errors, and without waste. And not just once, but continuously! The work is carried out in the shortest possible lead time. The delivery is optimally tailored to the needs of our customer.
The Lean philosophy fits well with our culture. Due to the constant focus on creating customer value and eliminating waste, we are constantly working together to improve ourselves and our working methods. Our goal is maximum customer satisfaction by delivering the desired quality at the lowest possible costs.

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