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Different types of tape

Tape is available in many different qualities and versions and usually consists of two parts: the carrier and the adhesive layer.

The most common adhesives are solvent, hotmelt and acrylic. The most commong carriers are PP, PVC and Paper.

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PP Tape

Polypropylene or PP tape is a cost-effective tape that is suitable for closing light to medium heavy boxes of various qualities. The tape unwinds smoothly, has a good tensile strength and bonds quickly, even at low temperatures (as low as -20 °C).

The tape is suitable for manual application, but can also easily be used by case sealing machines. Both printed and unprinted and available in different sizes. Depending on the type of adhesive, PP packaging tape can make a relatively large amount of noise when being unwound.

Properties of PP tape

  • Good adhesive strength
  • Inexpensive
  • Less prone to tearing at low temperatures
  • Very resistant to differences in temperature
  • Long shelf life
  • Makes noise when unwound
  • Ability to print it

Here you can see the different types of PP tape.

PVC Tape

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC adhesive tape is a strong packaging tape, stronger than PP tape and therefore highly suitably for closing heavier packages (> 40 kg). PVC tape has a quick and strong bond that remains sticky for a long period of time and adheres to virtually any surface.

An important property of PVC tape is that it does not stretch in longitudinal direction, making it highly suitable for closing boxes with a high cover tension. It is easy to process PVC tape, it can be torn off by hand and unwinds smoothly, almost without any noise, making it more comfortable for the operator.

PVC is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, is not resistant to UV rays and cannot be recycled.

Properties of PVC tape:

  • Quick and good bond on virtually all surfaces
  • Convenient processing: no noise and smooth
  • Does not stretch in longitudinal direction
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Ability to print it
  • Available in various dimensions and colours

Here you can see the different types of PVC tape.

Paper Tape

Paper adhesive tape is THE environmentally friendly solution for closing your boxes. After use, the entire packaging box, including tape, can be recycled. Due to the direct and strong bond, paper adhesive tape is particularly suitable for heavy and/or valuable packages. Self-adhesive paper tape is easy to use, can be torn off by hand and is suitable for medium heavy shipments.

Paper adhesive tape can be subdivided into two types: self-adhesive and gummed.

Properties of paper tape

  • Powerful: strong and direct bond
  • Anti-theft
  • Not sensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • Ability to print it
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient processing: no noise and smooth
  • Also available in reinforced version

Here you can see the different types of Paper tape.

Tools and machines

Packaging tape or adhesive tape can be applied manually, with a table dispenser, or mechanically by means of a case sealer.

Manually: often in combination with a hand dispenser. In case of larger numbers and/or repeating dimensions it is recommended to work with an automatic dispenser or machine.
Tafeldispenser: when using a table dispenser, the cut-off length of the adhesive tape can be set in advance, which means that the correct length is issued each time and cut off automatically. This saves time and money. We have dispensers for paper tape and for pp/pvc tape.
Machinaal: with a case sealer it is possible to close thousands of boxes per day. Click here for more information about case sealers.

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